When function

meets art’s

accurate imperfection

About me


From my sport education I learnt that technique is something you improve with discipline and dedication. A rigour that I soon decided to revolutionise when my heart and my guts led me to explore new roads and new worlds full of creativity.

I still remember the day when, in my master’s workshop, I discovered wood. From my legs to my hands, the ability tocreate furniture and objects quite literally invaded me, up until it reached the head: that capable, mysterious box hosting our ideas

It is this magic, woodworking, that turns ideas into objects that beautiful, useful as well as meaningful. It has become my greatest passion.

In order to realise every object or piece of furniture, I put together my competences in design with the knowledge I have of the material I use, which, in about 20 years of experience, I learnt order after order, mistake after mistake, reward after reward.

Each item I create is unique and different: it changes just like the weather, the people, and the seasons… And seeing it completed, in a house or in any other space where my creations come to life, it is for me the life and soul of my work, which becomes even greater when my clients happily see themselves in it.

It is because of this that I start every project building a real rapport with the person and their home or space, their habits, their ideas: so as to turn them into something beautiful, that becomes essence in wood.

“Learn the rules
as a professional
so you can break
them as an artist.”

Hiding in the woods

About me Marco Celeghin

Maremma is the land that welcomed me, every day inspiring my work with its colourful, wild nature.


Here I live surrounded by the silence of my house in the woods, where my workshop also lies: it is in this space and in this time that I find the creative freedom for imagining, experimenting, and improving.


Here is where I can find words and materials that fuse together into bespoke, original works.

About me



I was born in the Veneto region in 1980. I dedicated my teenage years to a career as cyclist until the moment I entered a woodworker’s workshop as an apprentice.


After moving to Padua, there began his career as a self-employed woodworker. Among his numerous trips, he discovers Maremma, where he starts a family and works for several years in one of the most important furniture companies in both the contractor and private sector.

The other

The passion for art controls him. A creative instinct that pervades him every time he looks someone in the eyes, very time he enters a house and observes a space. The Other’s a madman, a dreamer, but he led Him to meet himself along a very unique, personal road: there where the poems in wood are born.

Let me show you my most recent works created from a custom-made inspiration.