There are gestures, smells and shapes that in a few seconds have the ability to take us to a memory of another, distant life. Black Swan is a tallboy that reminds us of when we were children and we looked for dreams in drawers, not things.

Black swan is a tallboy made of solid elm wood, worked strictly by hand enhancing the wood’s natural veining.
As other Poems in Wood, it borrows its name from a famous ballet “The Swan Lake”, and the symbol of the black swan becomes a source of inspiration to describe “a one-time event, that doesn’t fall into the frame of regular expectations”, as Nassim Nicholas Taleb writes in his namesake essay. Nassim Nicholas Taleb In his essay of the same name.

Thus a classic So a bedroom tallboy, thanks to a particular feature of design, leads us to a gesture that is capable of unlocking a memory.
To understand which one, all we have to do is look into its drawers…

The rarest, unpredictable and unexpected event is thinking of becoming children again.

Black swan tallboy
dettaglio tavolo da esterno in legno
sedia in ferro e legno