Poems in wood


“Learn the rules as a professional, so you can break them as an artist.”

Woodworking and the customisation of the products are at the core of Marco Celeghin’s work. He’s always taken inspiration from the stories of people he’s met along the way, and that he puts together in his project called Poems in Wood. He collaborates with architects, interior designers and artisans.

Imagination, connection and exchange are the key words of his creations, that turn into traditional yet innovative objects of design, inside of which you may find puns and hidden meanings.
A woodworker who started his journey in a shop in Veneto, who is always travelling so as to unleash his freedom of expression.

Art as a mirror to find and understand oneself, as well as to stop the time in moments filled with emotions.

All of this can be found in Marco’s hand-crafted works, which put together function and material – chosen with secret and crucial elements at its core: visions, emotions, stories.

This is how the Poems in Wood by Marco Celeghin come alive.

Hand-crafted works of art that combine the product’s function to materials such as solid wood – treated in a way that enhances its natural beauty – iron, and ancient materials and elements that can be found in Nature.
What all Marco’s crafts have in common is their being interactive: words to search for, poems to put together, engravings to touch or dynamic, unusual ways to enjoy the decor.

Around each work, Marco builds the tale of every experience that led to its making and influenced its colour, shape or name.

As it’s true for Cala Martina, the first of a trilogy of pieces that tells us the story of a special place, Cala Martina beach in Maremma, and a love story…


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