At the beginning of the project and in order to be able to better work out an estimate, I asked my clients to send me some photos of their new house. Amongst these came to me some amanite muscarias, the hallucinogenic mushroom par excellence, photographed in their garden. The kitchen had not yet been designed, but already had a name: Amanita.
The entire design part focuses on creating a true optical effect that leaves you speechless… a tailor-made study to create something unique and visionary. I can thus insert three wall units of the same size in the three walls of the kitchen, in golden proportion. But it is with the hood wall unit that I succeed. With the support of an extra-clear tempered glass, which acts as a splashback to support the hob, I achieve the effect of a hood suspended in thin air.
Solid Chestnut wood left untreated and combined with Bardiglio marble was then used to create the kitchen. While in the interiors of the furniture, made of blockboard, we decided to give it a modern twist by opting for black lacquer on the drawers, black smoked glass and light effects.
As with all my works, this kitchen was not branded with my name but with a personal dedication: a drawing of a curious mushroom!

Kitchen Amanita

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