It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am announcing my participation in the BeDesign Week 2022 that will take place from 18th to 22nd May in Genoa.
In the showroom of San Bernardo’s Church I will be displaying two of my most recent “Poems in Wood” , one of which for the very first time.



This year the BeDesign Week 22 exhibition’s theme is “time”, hence I immediately agreed to participating and proposed two pieces of furniture that in their concept talk about the importance of owning your time as a conquest of self, as a rebellious act and, on the other hand, about time as memory.

Indeed, Saturday 21st May at 5.30 pm, right there in Genoa, I will officially present Black Swan, a work that is part of a trilogy of pieces together with Cala Martina.
Following, we will have the honour to host a tasting of two wines from Terenzi Winery, winemakers from Scansano, and so have the pleasure of meeting in person in a convivial moment.


But I don’t want to spoil more so I’ll wait for you in Genoa!


To find out more about the exhibition, visit the website