For the very first
For the very first time I managed to encase
a strong feeling
such as love
as love in a piece of furniture.

This piece of furniture tells of a man, a woman and their story in a special place, where the sky and the sea swear each other eternal love.

People change, places change… promises of love become art.

Cala Martina is a three-pieced cabinet for living room

The composition started from the handles, that are 3 logs that were smoothed out by the sea and then collected on the Cala Martina shore.
Solid oak wood painted grey; internal glass shelves; the central element can be opened and it is tilting.
The 45° cut on all sides, makes it possible for the rear part to look clean and give the possibility to place the pieces even in the middle of a room.

– Cala Martina –
Solid oak
Side columns measures: W 50 cm x D 35 cm x H 80,9 cm + 30 cm legs
Central piece measures: W 80,9 cm x D 35 cm x H 50 cm + 30 cm legs
Private collection