Casetta Santini is a restaurant in Tuscan maremma, but it’s not only a restaurant: it is a breeding farm, and much more. Casetta Santini is a paradise, a serene spot full of atmosphere.
The relaxed environment and the courtesy of its owners have nurtured my fantasy to design and build the spaces dedicated to welcoming in the winery and the shop, in collaboration with the interior designer Alessandro Pizzetti from Arredamentedesign.

The work focused on the refined use of raw materials: each surface, indeed, gets back to the wood that originally inhabited the place.

We imagined an environment that could enhance and give a modern look to the ancient elements that were there: thus, the wood from the troughs and the stable beams become tables and seats or deliver unusual geometric designs to the bar counter.

All of the elements converge in an space that smells of Maremma and good wine. An old window becomes a display cabinet for baroque glasses and oak barrels now host aperitifs and tastings, while the external counter “contains” crates of fine wines.

The result is a homogenous space that is never predictable, which gives that pleasant feeling of cosiness that you get at Casetta Santini.


To visit and eat at Casetta Santini: