AbNormal is liberation.


Has it ever happened to you to do an ordinary action, an ordinary, usual gesture, but in a completely unusual way?

AbNormal was born by chance. I had two wheel rims of a cart and just for play I started wedging them together, trying to understand what I could turn them into.
This until I was captured by a movement, so soft yet perturbing…
The perfect way to unleash my will to break the mould.

And so this sculpture-chair gave birth to a real story of rebellion: Miss Liberty took back the space for her imagination, her fantasies, there where Time, sitting on a chair, tick-tocks left and right as opposed to forward and backward. Like a child in a merry-go-round.
She, Freedom, fought her way out of the cage that locked her in and put a leash on the other one… Consuetude, they call it.
Habit, they call her. Now she’s in control of her life, sitting on her throne, while Habit can only look at her screaming: “Rules are made to be broken”.

Abnormal is a rocking chair made of iron and wheel rims of a cart.

Was it the ancient slavish nature of its materials that inspired my rebellious story?

Abnormal rocks left and right, it’s unusual and fun. Maybe it’s the ancient servile nature of its materials that inspired its rebellious swinging.

Its measures are about 120 x 120 cm.

And you, are you ready to play?