This work was born from a provocation. A provocation that came from a Social Network, reflection of our times.
Almost just for fun I read and deepened my knowledge on the myth of Eco and Narcissus, which inspired this large mirror, entirely made of solid, hand-smoothed wood.

The wood maintains its natural veining, refined only with oil, to protect its essence.

Antique oak treated with oil and mirror
120 cm x 194,16 cm

For centuries many artists have interpreted, transformed and imagined the story of Narcissus.
Despite the tragic ending and the negative connotativo that we normally apply to the concept of narcissism, in my opinion it represents searching for real love: a never-ending quest of never settling for what you have, a form of self-love that nobody should be ashamed of.

And you? What do you think about it? Have you ever got lost in your reflected image?