A traditional material such as oak becomes hyper-contemporary thanks to the finishing of the resin counter.
From the blue of Sunset at Sea comes the idea of a unique kitchen thought to meet the customer’s needs: fine wood but with a lively and fresh colour, simplicity for quick meals, functionality and room for conviviality.

After the planning phase, Fabio Guerra from Material l’atelier took care of the resignation with great mastery. The kitchen island is made of only one, suspended counter, in solid, hand-smoothed wood finished with oil.

My furniture stems from a project that reflects your needs in the best possibile way and, at the same time, introduces crafted solutions tailored on the environment that will welcome the piece.

Hand-crafting, originality and quality of raw materials can make your space unique.

If you’re looking for hand-crafted furniture, contact me for a quotation free of charge.

Kitchen Sea at Sunset Sea at Sunset
Kitchen Sunset at sea